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Hollywood movies often exaggerate by creating claims and assumptions to propel their plots. One of these movies is "The Day After Tomorrow". There are various events and scenes that support or disprove the movie's claims including the following. There was a large breaking of an ice shelf in Antarctica resulting in higher sea levels. Secondly, a giant hurricane descended from the Arctic, freezing people with winds up to -150° F. Lastly, the abrupt change in climate seems to occur within a few weeks. Evidently, the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow", is known to use science loosely to amplify its plot because of these three phenomena mentioned earlier.

In the beginning of this movie, there was an event that consisted of an ice shelf that cracked and broke loose from the continent of Antarctica. This action resulted in a sudden rise in sea level and consequently a tidal wave in New York.

The movie's explanation for this phenomenon is that there was a cataclysmic climate shift and that global warming was causing the melting of the polar ice caps. From a scientific perspective, it is true that global warming can cause the sea level to rise. This is because global warming accelerates the rise of sea levels by transforming glaciers into water and incorporating that into the oceans. Global warming makes the volume of the water expand as it warms. This expansion results in an increasing sea level. At the current rate, global warming only increases sea level by two millimetres every year. What are not quite accurate are the rapid increase in sea level and the creation of an enormous tidal wave in New York due to global warming [1]. The movie stated that an ice shelf the size of Rhode Island broke of Antarctica and...

Critique of The Day After Tomorrow Essay

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Critique of The Day After Tomorrow

The movie, The Day After Tomorrow, addresses the issue of global warming. The movie?s portrayal of the events caused by global warming was extreme and not very believable. Some of the information is backed up by science but most is completely off the wall and nonrealistic. The movie cited the cause of the global climate change to be the rise in temperature due to greenhouse gasses. The warmer temperatures caused the polar ice caps to melt, and the increased amount of freshwater in the ocean disrupted the North Atlantic Current. The North Atlantic Current is what is responsible for the warm temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere. With the current disrupted the Northern Hemisphere…show more content…

The wooly mammoth is a large animal which was accustomed to low temperatures. If this animal froze immediately than a human surely would, especially if they were wearing nothing more than a turtleneck. Other scenes in the movie show humans frozen to death, and then others are standing there with nothing wrong. With temperatures as low as they were supposed to be in the movie, the people who were still alive would have a horrible case of frostbite. In the movie, there was no frost bite to be seen. The temperature inconsistencies were glaring in the movie and made it seem incredibly unrealistic.

There were also scenes in the movie where the characters are outrunning the freeze. There is no possible way a person could outrun temperature. There is also no way a person could survive temperatures that low. The temperature was so low that everything was immediately freezing, including flags and buildings. There is no way that a human could possibly survive a temperature that low.

There were some other things that bothered me about the movie, such as the isolation of the ?ice age? The movie?s ice age was specifically isolated to the northern hemisphere. Americans were able to seek refuge from the storm by merely crossing the border into Mexico. So the storm wasn?t even isolated to the Northern Hemisphere, or even North America, it was only in the US and Canada. If there was such a drastic climate change, a simple

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