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Visit each of our teachers’ web sites to see what is happening in our classrooms. This is a great resource for the students’ homework. Communication to our teachers can be done via email through their web sites.

       Mrs. Flanagan                      sites.google.com/site/mflanaganses/
       Mrs. Sue Malone - Aide

       Mrs. Gina Facciolo              http://mrsfacciolok.weebly.com
       Mrs. Lorrie Strange             kindergartenmrsstrange.weebly.com/

       Miss Desiree McDevitt       sites.google.com/site/missmcdevittroom1/
       Aides:  Ms. Eileen Laich (Tues/Thurs)
                    Mrs. Kelly Beck (Mon/Wed/Fri)

      Mrs. Joyce McDonaldsites.google.com/site/mrsmcdonald1a/home/homework
      Mrs. Margaret Convery         mrsconvery2a.weebly.com/

      Miss. Colleen Matkowski        http://3asaintephrem.weebly.com
      Ms. Lyndsay Dotzman            http://3bhomeworksite.weebly.com/

      Mrs. Joanne Marx    https://sites.google.com/saintephremschool.com/stephremschoolmrsmarxgrade4
      Mrs. MaryAnn Lasky    sites.google.com/a/saintephremschool.com/mrs-lasky-4th-grade

     Mrs. Agnes Seitz          sites.google.com/site/mrsseitzsfifthgrade/
     Mrs. Jane Gindele      https://sites.google.com/site/stephremschoolrm5a

    Mrs. Nicole Duda sites.google.com/saintephremschool.com/mrsdudaclassroom/home
     Mrs. Mary Battson        mrsbattson6a.weebly.com/

     Sister Amanda Russell, IHM    sites.google.com/a/saintephremschool.com/sr-amanda-s-homework-site/
     Mr. Michael Hughes        sites.google.com/site/mrhughesclass7a/

     Mrs. Elizabeth Needham    sites.google.com/site/mrsneedhamselaclass/
     Mrs. Shea Andress     https://sites.google.com/a/saintephremschool.com/ms-andress-8a/


Science 6-8:  Mrs. Cherie Scholl     sites.google.com/site/schollscience/home
               Spanish: Ms. Maricel Martinez   https://sites.google.com/saintephremschool.com/saintephremschoolworldlanguage/home
Phys. Ed: Mrs. Doreen Corlies              www.physedses.weebly.com/
Library:  Mrs. Kerri Schiavo   sites.google.com/a/saintephremschool.com/stelibrary/home
Computer:  Mrs. Jeanne Brousseau       https://goo.gl/AC6uX1
Music:  Mrs. Mary Ann Schauder      http://maryannschaudermusic.weebly.com
Band:  TBA
Tutoring:  Sister Dorothy Thomas


Catapult:  Math -Dee Capella - dolores.capella@catapultlearning.com
215-394-0600  ext: 9469
                   Reading  - Beth Bedard- beth.bedard@catapultlearning.com
215-394-0600  ext: 946
        Counselor:  Mrs. Jennifer Reid, NC
Psychologist:  Mrs. Goldman
Speech:  Mrs. Godshalk

Congressmember Dan Donovan – who will face off against former seat-holder Michael Grimm next year in what is sure to be a heated primary election  – will meet with Brooklyn constituents this coming weekend at Fort Hamilton High School as part of the second leg of his Brooklyn tour of an event called “Coffee with Your Congressman.”

The “Coffee” events come on the heels of heavy backlash from some of the pol’s southern Brooklyn constituents with respect to Donovan’s resistance to holding an in-person town hall on this side of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

That resistance has resulted in a number of protests, sit-ins and even the first-ever constituent-hosted town hall held in April, an invitation to which Donovan declined. He has opted for social media-streamed and tele-town halls instead, citing a more peaceful and structured nature.

Nonetheless, the elected’s office contends, the coffee tour is a “continuat[ion of] his public engagement and commitment to accessibility.”

“There is nothing more important to me than hearing directly from the people of Staten Island and South Brooklyn about issues impacting individuals, families and businesses in our community,” Donovan said in a statement, citing “a lot of work to do in Washington.”

“This coffee tour is a great opportunity for me to answer your questions, listen to your ideas, and hear directly about issues that matter to you,” he added.

The first Brooklyn edition of “Coffee with Your Congressman” took place on Sunday, November 12 at Boody Intermediate School, 228 Avenue S. The second — originally slated to take place at the Dyker Heights Library, 8202 13th Avenue — will instead take place at Fort Hamilton High School, 8301 Shore Road, from 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, November 18.

There will be one other iterations of “Coffee with Your Congressman” in Staten Island — where two others were already held — on Sunday.

The 11th district includes all of Staten Island and a swathe of southern Brooklyn, including Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights and Gravesend.


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