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The Unredeemed Captive tells a story of struggles a family went through to stay true to one another. Eunice Williams’ was taken captive and family went through many obstacles to try and get her home. Both Eunice and her family were captured together along with many other town residents in the Deerfield Massacre of 1704. Demos precisely described the Deerfield raid along with the process of traveling to Canada. Throughout the book, Demos also covered some individual captive experiences and events. Demos showed the life of Eunice before her life was changed and how it would be if she was not taken. He stated why the raid was the way it was and showed the success of it.
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The three hundred mile journey to Montreal has begun. As this moment, “The Williamses know they are destined ‘for a march . . . into a strange land,’ as prisoners” (Demos 19). Things began to get rough as the trail elongated. Out of all the captives, only ninety two captives survived the actual march to Canada. Many of the captives were killed along the journey. Many were women including John Williams’ wife. Before the captives reached Canada, the group split into smaller groups. They all ended up going in separate destinations. As days and months eventually went by, the Williams children along with many other remaining captives were eventually dispersed amongst the numerous participating Indians tribes. Upon coming to New France, the prisoners were sold to the French, and later exchanged for release by the governors of the English and French colonies. For John Williams, he was redeemed by the French governor. There would be no hope of his children being released for a while. Not until Mr. Williams made his way back to New England, which ended up being almost three years he eventually got the French governor to release all of his children after a negotiation. Only one was left captive, her name was Eunice. She ended up staying a captive for many years at the starting age of six-years old. The Kahnawake Indian tribe took her and refused to sell her to the French.

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The Unredeemed Captive by John Demos Essay

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The Unredeemed Captive by John Demos

John Demos in a sense presents themes that are entirely familiar and conventional. The themes of sin, retribution, and repentance are very prevalent in his writing. The loss of piety, the failure of spiritual nerve, the absolute necessity of reform; and the certainty of God's punishment if reform was not achieved appear throughout his book (Demos). (In this instance, Eunice's failure to return to her native land is putting her at risk in the eyes of God). For approximately 60 years John Williams who had been a captive for almost two years, and is one of the main characters of the story writes different letters, sermons, in an effort to reach the captive daughter. According to John Williams, "God…show more content…

The order of these writings is important as are the time and the setting in which each one was composed. These writings reveal much of what captivity meant to him. In addition, Demos incorporates parallels from the Bible such as biblical passages to illustrate or compare the return of Naomi to Bethlehem in Stephen Williams' sermon to put pressure on his sister Euncie to return to Deefield (Demos 191). "Noemi, in effect was redeemed by returning to her home" (Demos 192).
The circumstances of captivity were as varied as the number of people involved on both sides. Prisoner redemption was the process of prisoner exchange that had long been unfair. Captives were subject to ransom, trade for other key people, and sometimes prisoners decided to remain in captivity since escape was very dangerous. Acculturation which included adoption and repatriation were choices for some of them as well. For example, "Eunice's inability to speak English and her personal appearance announce her loyalty to other standards" (Demos 146). "She had been fully integrated or Indianized" (Demos 142). Eunice comes of age in her adoptive community, secure, and increasingly well integrated. The trauma of capture including as it did the deaths of her mother and

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