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People are very complex beings and there actions that they take part in and there personalities will ether make them have successful or unsuccessful lives. The quality of ones life is very important but can sometimes be hard to measure. Many people may have there own opinion and different ways to measure someone’s life but I believe I picked the best characteristics in order to accurately measure the quality of someone’s life. The quality of ones life can be measured in psychological, social, and personal aspects.

The first aspect that someone’s life could be measured by is there psychological characteristics. Someone’s life can be measured by there personality and the way they act around other people. Taking a look at whether or not the person is a bad or nice person and how they act amongst people on a regular basis. If someone is lazy, unmotivated, un-concentrated, and angry there quality of life will lessen and they will feel more miserable then someone with a higher quality of life. Someone that is motivated, active, nice, and concentrated will have a higher quality of life. Personality is the one thing that people have that shows what kind of people they are other then there physical appearance. If someone treats other people with respect they will be able to gain that same respect back and thus having a better relationship with others and knowing people actually want to talk to and be around you. People with bad attitude often get themselves caught up in horrible situations that could lead to an unfulfilling life.

The social life of someone represents the quality of there life in many ways. Having a good job will increase the quality of ones life and give them money and security in order to live there life happily. When there is a good relation between someone and there boss and co workers it makes there life better opposed to someone who has hates there boss and does not get along with there co workers. Having a dead end job will only cause stress. Living in a good community and safe community leads to a comfy safe feeling and environment causing less stress and hardships then living in touch neighborhoods.

Someone with a good social life and many friends feels better about them selves and always has someone to be with and talk to. People that are mean to people and don’t usually tend to have a lot of friends and people to socialize with decreases the quality of there life. Being married and having kids and having strong bond with your wife and family represents what life is all about and makes you feel like a worthy person. People that do not have a family and strong bond with loved one will be missing out on very important things that one should experience in there lifetime. The better one gets along with others and the better social life of the individual will increase there quality of there life.

Ones own personal aspects play a large role on how great and successful there life is. Physical fitness and overall health and shape are important in how someone feels. People that are athletic and have extra curricular sports and useful things to do will be doing things that people with a lesser quality of life will not be doing. Ones personal income will increase the quality of ones life and allow them to support there family and buy goods and necessities in order to live. People with a not so good job and a lower income will find it harder to life a good fulfilling life. Doing well in school and getting good grades will increase ones self confidence and make them feel better and feel greater self worth.

Psychological, social, and personal aspects are the main components to look at when looking at the quality of ones life. Personality plays a large role in the how one interacts and feels around other people. Being socially active and having many friends and good relationships causes positive outcomes and increases self confidence. Your own personal shape and materials in your life show whether you have a positive or negative outlook on life. If you live your life with a good personality, great bonds, and positive personal aspects the quality of your life will increase dramatically and result in a better fulfilling life.

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Quality of life
We all have dreams of having more and longer holidays, getting a better job, being fitter and living in a wealthier place. However, it is difficult to further our dreams for several reasons. Both texts deal with the concept of «quality of life» pointing out how it influences our health and how difficult it is for some to have access to it.

According to the first passage, being healthy is not just necessary but essential. We need to be in good physical and mental condition to be able to keep a job and to participate actively in a social group. Unfortunately our health state can be influenced by factors we cannot always control such as living in a poor neighbourhood, a place with bad weather conditions or a country in which people lack political freedom.

In the same way, the second text highlights the importance of the climate, the environment and the economic situation of a country. According to very interesting studies they play a major role in improving out quality of life. It also states that very few people are ready to take the plunge and move their housing in search of these factors. The sad reality is that for most of us it is not easy to relocate for numerous reasons.

On the other hand, there are small simple things we can put into practice to improve the way we live. These little things can be various such as devoting oneself to a passion like art or music, which at the same time will boost new encounters essential to our well-being; doing a sport to keep fit and healthy, granting ourselves some small pleasures like a massage or a stroll in the forest, reorganising our house, and of course spending time with our family and friends through leisure time and holidays.

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