Ucla Tft Personal Essay Outline

Your GPA is 3.9, your SATs are over 1800 and you want to go to UCLA.   Easy, right?  Not exactly. That’s because you are similar to almost half of UCLA’s 57,000 plus applicants this year.  So how do you distinguish yourself from the multitude?   According to the UCLA admissions department, one way to stand out is in the personal essay.

On a recent tour of UCLA’s campus, I learned firsthand from admissions what they’re looking for in an essay.  It all boils down to the L.I.D.  In this third and final blog in a series we’ll be talking about the importance of L.I.D. in the UCLA essays.

First up is the L word (not what you think!).  L is for LEADERSHIP.  UCLA wants to see that you’ve held leadership position(s) and they want you to talk about them.  This pertains to more than just the class presidents.  Leadership can involve Sports, Scouting, Clubs – even jobs.  Any place in which you were organizing  or leading others.  A note of warning though: be honest about your leadership positions.  Don’t pretend that you were president when you weren’t.  That could cost you.

Next is the I word.  I is for IMPROVEMENT.  Just like your parents and teachers, UCLA likes to see improvement.  Whether it’s improving a tennis game or a swim time.  It can also be improving your grades or improving the lives of those less fortunate through your community service work.

D is DEDICATION.  This is where you let UCLA know how you weren’t a fly by night soccer player.  You stuck with the team even when you got injured.  Or you worked with the drama department for four years even when you weren’t the lead.  Or you’ve dedicated yourself to a cause.  You don’t have to save the world but it couldn’t hurt!

UCLA admissions stresses the importance of having more than one person read your essay.  Why not let that person be us?  Give us a call today.

Juliet Giglio
Educational Consultant in California

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About the Program

For freshmen, the Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television is a four year program consisting primarily of two years of general college studies and two years of major coursework. The Department of Film, Television, & Digital Media (FTVDM) admits new students only once each year for the Fall Quarter.

About Applications

Together, all of the application materials will provide the admissions committee a clear and compelling picture of who you are. The application materials should include your significant life experiences, your most important personal traits and greatest strengths, your special creative talents, your values and goals in life, and your vision for the kind of work you hope to pursue.

An applicant should demonstrate a strong liberal arts and humanistic education, exceptional literacy, outstanding communication skills, and unique creative ability. Prior experience in film and television is not required.

We do not accept films, DVDs, or CDs.

Applicants must submit all required application materials to be considered for admission.

UC Application Deadline: November 30, 2017

Freshman Supplemental Application Deadline: December 7, 2017

Click Here for an Application Worksheet and More Detailed Instructions on How to Apply

Please complete all of the following steps:

Step 1: UC Application

Step 2: Supplemental Application

  • Complete the TFT Undergraduate Supplemental Application.
    • Must be completed ONLINE by December 7, 2017.
    • A supplemental application fee of $20 will be required.
    • Create an account with Acceptd.
      • Note: This is not the same login used for the UC Application.
    • Complete all required information.
    • Indicate areas of interest within Film.
    • Upload Supplemental Materials
      • Personal Essay (2 page max).
      • Life Challenge Essay (2 page max).
      • Writing Sample.
        • Critical Essay (3 page max).
        • or
        • Creative Writing (5 page max).
    • Submit Two Letters of Recommendation.
      • Enter the Names and Emails of all recommenders into the TFT Undergraduate Supplemental Application.
    • Upload Unofficial copies of all Transcripts.
By the time of entrance, Freshman Applicants must:

UC Application Deadline: November 30, 2017

Freshman Supplemental Application Deadline: December 7, 2017


For more information on requirements and applying to UCLA as an International Student, visit http://www.admission.ucla.edu/prospect/intl.htm.


For U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents interested in receiving financial aid in the 2018-2019 year, note that the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) deadline for UCLA is March 2, 2017. Applicants must complete the FAFSA by this date if they want to be eligible for all awards, work-study, and scholarships that UCLA offers. If applying after March 2, please check with the Financial Aid Office for available funding opportunities. www.financialaid.ucla.edu


For non-US Citizens or non-Permanent Residents who are approved to pay in-state tuition because they graduated from a high school in California; they will need to complete the California DREAM application by the March 2, 2017 deadline. The DREAM application can be accessed at https://dream.csac.ca.gov. If applying after March 2, please check with the Financial Aid Office for available funding opportunities. www.financialaid.ucla.edu

If you have any additional information, call 310-206-8441, or email filmundergrad@tft.ucla.edu.

**Please do not contact the department to check on your application, as we cannot update you on your application status or materials.

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