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Employee Attitude

Employee attitude often affects job performance and is a key concern for the human resource department in any organization. Positive employee attitude is extremely important in any organization. This is because it increases the general productivity of the organization or company. The company can be able to fully rely on its employees because they have the right attitude for the work and are consequently willing to work in order to improve the company’s net output.

Therefore, there is a need for the positive employee attitude to be reinforced in the company as it will enable the going forward of the organization and ensure both diligent and effective work output from the employees.

Negative employee attitude in the workplace often leads to lower morale that consequently leads to decreased work rate and consequently there will be no optimum production. It is of the essence to note that the employees should have the right attitude in order to tackle the daily constraints that often appear in the workplace. If the employees have a negative attitude this will consequently lead to dissatisfaction with the job, lower job morale and ultimately it will lead to decreased production from the affected employees.

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Lower salary in the workplace and general inhabitable conditions might lead to negative employee attitudes. On the other hand, better pay together with satisfaction of the employees at the workplace can be described as a key situational experience that might ultimately lead to positive employee attitude when It comes to the workplace. It is therefore, of essence for companies to ensure that indeed they make their environments hospitable and drive the organization towards an orientation and environment that will likely contribute to positive employee attitude as compared to negative employee attitude.

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Formal recommendation for employee morale boosting

It is important that employee motivation is given the attention that it deserves in all organizations. The same way that companies periodically monitor their financial statements, also the measures which have been put in place to boost morale of their workers should be of paramount concern. Data relating to employee safety hazards, commission for outstanding performance and long service should be recorded and compared over years and any deviations recorded to assist the management in monitoring the efforts in place to boost the morale of the organization’s workers.

Without any regard to the measures which are used, it is essential that one is able to evaluate and track motivation efforts by use of the relevant HR metrics. Employers across several industries have realized that putting emphasis on motivation of the employees can pay off in several ways. For instance there is reduced absenteeism, low labor turn over, increased productivity and lower incidences of industrial action.

However, it is pertinent that the companies consider their employee diversity when designing programs aimed at boosting the worker’s morale. For instance, an African- American may not value some of the appreciatory gestures same way as a Chinese. Therefore, due to geographical, cultural, social and economic diversity of locations where employers such as multinationals may have operations, it is essential that they provide morale boosting programs which are appropriate for the intended beneficiaries. This calls for understanding of the needs and cultural leanings of areas where they are put in place.

Emotional/ mental health of employees is also of paramount importance. Events such as divorce, medical problems or death of a spouse can affect an employee negatively leading to poor job performance. In such cases, the supervisors or managers in charge of these employees should contact the HR staff who can refer the specific employees for further treatment by professionals.

This form of motivation makes the employees to realize that they are valued members of the organization for which they work. Finally, it is important that the employees are involved when coming up with morale boosting programs. This averts a situation whereby management comes up with motivation programs which have no value to the intended beneficiaries.

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