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VIP Cabin Crew (Female Applicants Only)

Job Description

This Post reports to Cabin Crew Relations Manager

Job Purpose

To deliver a high standard of customer service and safety on board all Royal Jet aircrafts contributing to consistent service excellence. To perform well under pressure, successfully prioritize and complete multiple tasks whilst at the same time meeting customer demands.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

1 Provide a safe environment for Guests and Cabin Crew onboard through safe work practice and adequate SEP knowledge

2 To be contactable during duty days and display evident of satisfactory attendance record in order to avoid disruption to flight operations.

3 When requested by the Company to operate short notification flights.

4 Perform onboard service in accordance to Royal Jet service process and standards, to maintain the highest level of Customer Service

5 Maintain onboard equipment’s in terms of quality and quantity, particularly when the aircraft is away from base, in order to reduce costs associated with breakages and losses

6 Understand anticipate and deliver the highest level of service to all Guests by availing all their requests in a timely manner and maintaining integrity, confidentiality and professionalism at all times.

7 Maintain valid passport, visas, GCAA License and Medical licenses.

8 May be required to take on supervisory responsibilities as required by the company.

9 Represent the Company during events with Cabin Crew.

10 Understands the value of exceptional customer service, safety and aspects of life as a Cabin Crew member in a non-scheduled operation.

11 The ability to work under pressure and to be flexible, and understand the company complex operational requirements.

12 Displays confidence and immaculate decorum adheres to the Royal Jet Grooming Standards at all times when on duty.

13 Ability to accommodate changes in roster and extended flight duties.


Formal Experience Required

* Between 23 years of age (minimum hiring age) and 37 years of age (maximum hiring age).

* Applicant Should be: a Current Flying Crew OR at Least less than 1 Year out of service (with sound justified reasons).

Mandatory Requirements

- Previously completed Ab-initio Cabin Crew training

- Previously completed SEP and Aviation health training

- Flying License

- Excellent command in English Language

- Intermediate level of computer skills

- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

- Healthy weight which must be in proportion to height.

- Ability to swim at-least 25m unaided in open water, without a flotation device.

- Medically fit to meet air crew requirements.

- No visible tattoos or visible body piercing (1x earring per ear is acceptable).


- Knowledge of additional languages

- Hospitality training

- Catering training

Years & Field of Experience required

* Five [5] years’ experience with an International Airline, including two [2] years in First Class OR one [1] year in Private VIP Charter experience

Previous Catering/ Hotel/ Hospitality/ Customer Service Background

Other Essential Requirements:

- Healthy weight which must be in proportion to height.

- Medically fit to meet air crew requirements


Educated to a minimum of high school standard, preferably holding a university degree

Job Details

  • Job Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Job Role: Support Services
  • Joining Date: 2017-12-01
  • Employment Status: Full time
  • Employment Type: Employee
  • Manages Others: No
  • Number of Vacancies: 5

Preferred Candidate

  • Career Level: Mid Career
  • Years of Experience : Min: 5 Max: 20
  • Gender: Female
  • Degree: High school or equivalent

When candidates consider switching from another industry to become a cabin crew member in corporate and VIP aviation (CVA), they need to come equipped with a particular set of transferable skills.

CVA passengers expect the most when it comes to quality customer service. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the key transferable skills candidates should be equipped with, and the types of industry that can supply them.

What skills do cabin crew in CVA need?

These are the five key skills that CVA cabin crew need to have mastered:

1) Adaptability

As with CVA pilots and other staff, cabin crew have to be able to adapt to different cultures and passenger types, irregular schedules that can be changed at the last minute, and unusual passenger requests.

CVA cabin crew need to be exceptionally versatile: able to try their hand at many different hospitality-related, administrative, and culinary tasks – all with boundless patience.

2) Communication

CVA cabin crew need to communicate effectively, in a range of different languages and circumstances.

They must be able to communicate in a way that’s polite, welcoming and personable; whilst being clear, diplomatic, tactful and ultimately assertive at the same time.

3) Presentation

From their uniforms, to the cabin, to the food and drink served on board, presentation must be impeccable throughout the journey.

CVA cabin crew should be committed to maintaining the highest possible visual standards, and demonstrating their ability to take proactive steps to ensure these, even in trying circumstances.

4) Maintaining calm

The combination of long hours, an irregular schedule, and demanding passengers, can easily create a pressurised work environment for CVA cabin crew.

Despite this pressure, CVA cabin crew must be able to conduct themselves with absolute grace and calm throughout, even when technical difficulties are being experienced mid-flight.

5) Health

Being a CVA cabin crew member is a physical task, with long hours spent on your feet pushing or carrying often bulky items.

Candidates should take a proactive approach towards maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime. Many CVA airlines also require cabin crew to be able to swim for a minimum of 25 metres.

What industries are most associated with these transferable skills?

Now that you know more about the types of transferable skill CVA cabin crew applicants will require, let’s look at the industries that can provide them and where you can look when next recruiting cabin crew members:


The hospitality industry – including catering, accommodation, tourism and transportation – places strong emphasis on all the skills listed above.

Aside from learning the specifics of the role, candidates from hospitality should find the switch relatively seamless.

Candidates with experience in luxury or high-end hospitality are highly desirable. Those with skills in silver service or fine dining are particularly attractive to many VIP operators.

Premium retail

Premium retail focuses primarily on communication, presentation and being calm under pressure. However, this diverse field also challenges staff in other ways, helping them develop a broad array of relevant skills.

Whether you’re looking to expand your candidate pool, or just process occasional applicants from other industries, make sure you bear transferable skills in mind the next time you’re hiring.

Find out more about the skills that can enhance your aviation operations and where you can find them by calling on the experts at AeroProfessional.

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